Monday, December 23, 2013

Contour and Highlight!

Hellooo Gorgeous :)
Today I want to discuss one of my favorite makeup tricks; Contouring and Highlighting. It can seriously do WONDERS for your facial features! If done correctly, you can give yourself an instant nose job, high cheekbones, and a chiseled face cut. It does take some time to perfect these skills so don't get frustrated. If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again :)
I made this diagram to help with the placement of both contour and highlight. You can use either a powder contour shade (that's what I use) or you can use a darker cream concealer. Here are the steps I take to achieve this look:

  1. Apply foundation all over the face.
  2. Using a concealer brush, apply the highlight color on the areas in the diagram. I used Clinique line smoothing concealer in "Light". 
  3. Blend out with a beauty blender or any blending tool of your choice.
  4. Set the highlight with a translucent powder. 
  5. Using a small blending brush, apply your contour color on the sides of the nose and bottom. Blend out to insure there are no harsh lines. The contour color always has to be matte, the one I used is "Give me Sun" by Mac. It is a bit orangey so make sure to use the right contour color for your complexion. 
  6. Take an angled brush and apply the bronzer on the rest of the areas marked "contour" on the diagram. 
  7. Blend Blend Blend :)
Enjoy your new modelesque face! Let me know what you want me to post about next <3


Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to take CARE of your HAIR!

Hi Beautiful lovers!
I get bombarded with emails about hair all the time so I decided to do a post on how you can take care of your luscious locks :) Here are 11 ways that can help:

  1.  Wash your hair every other day. Give your hair a day in the middle for your natural oils to soak in and do its duty. I actually love that day in the middle when I don't have to wash hehe.
  2. Brush your hair before you wash. It will be easier to brush out tangles after it's wet (wet hair is very sensitive). When brushing start from the bottom up and take your time being very gentle. In return there's less breakage and fall out. 
  3. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate and paraben free, there are tons of brands out there that you can chose from. These two chemicals are awful for the health of your hair! The one I love is Organix Coconut Milk. Also please remember to use conditioner after shampooing to ease in styling and control. I have met way too many girls that don't use conditioner and then complain about their hair being dull and unmanageable. 
  4. Keep switching up your part from the front to reduce thinning in just one area. I switch up my part all the time plus it gives my look a little change. Also try not to have your hair tied up tightly, this can cause major damage to your hair follicle which in return causes thinning!
  5. Trim your hair every few months to get rid of split ends, hair looks best right after a trim :)
  6. Air dry your hair as much as possible. Throughout the week, after I shower, I apply a dime size of Healthy Hair by Sexy Hair Argon Oil to control frizz to my hair and let it air-dry. I only take a hair dryer to my hair on weekends or special occasions. When using any heated tools, make sure to spray on a good heat protectant for minimal damage.
  7. Once a month massage and invigorate the scalp with coconut oil (or your fav oil) and spread throughout the hair for maximum shine and thickness. You can also do a deep conditioner or a hair mask.
  8. Try not to dye your hair too much either. If you have grays then just touch those up as needed. I hadn't dyed my hair for 4 years but recently I got Ombre's, which I LOVE! They are so low maintenance and super fun :)  
  9. Juicing and eating healthy is key for gorgeous luscious locks :-) When juicing for hair, make sure to add these ingredients to whatever juice you are making: Cucumbers, carrots, lemons, oranges, and beets. Healthy diet = AMAZING hair!
  10. When pregnant, prenatal vitamins do wonders for your hair! A lot of women stop taking them when the baby is born and will continue breast feeding. This is when the hair-loss kicks in. Make sure to keep taking your vitamins during nursing to prevent these issues. Consult with your doctor to discuss more about these matters.
  11. Stress is detrimental to your hair so please take it easy and remember there are others out there that have it a lot worse. 
Hope these tips come in handy. Have a fabulous hair day!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to get Super thick Lashes :)

Hey Beauties, so lets talk lashes!! I don't know about you, but I've been obsessed with trying out different ways to make my lashes look thicker for years. I mean obviously there are quick fixes like falsies and extensions but it's so annoying to wear falsies all the time and extensions are very high maintenance (and pricey!). So here is what I've been doing for the past year to get thick and sexy lashes ;-)
  • Curl lashes with your fav curler, hold curl for 3 seconds, then release.
  • Apply one coat of mascara to top and bottom lash.
  • Dip your index finger in Baby Powder and pat on top of the wet mascara that you just applied.
  • Apply another coat of mascara to top and bottom lid (Make sure to cover all the white powder)
  • Say hello to your super sexy lashes :)
The mascara I used for this look is Covergirl "Super thick lash" (Red tube).  I hope this trick works for you as well as it did for me. Let me know your results :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get to know me Better =)

Hi Darlings :-)
Hope you all are having a fabulous day! Earlier this week I asked my Facebook fans (which btw I am so thankful for) to ask me questions about myself so I picked out 10 of my fav to answer.

1. Which makeup school did you attend?
I actually didn't attend any makeup schools! I'm self taught, practice makes perfect! (not saying I'm perfect in any way lol)
2. Are you married? Kids?
Yes and Yes :) I've been married to my wonderful and super smart husband, Wasim for 7 years, actually it will be 8 years in a few days! Got married super young! We have a beautiful 4 year old son named Shayaan, Love my baby :)  

3. How do you balance family life while running a successful business?
I try to keep a healthy balance between family and business. Throughout the week I work on my social media pages for a few hours here and there while my son is in school or while he sleeps. When he's with me, I try to spend as much time as possible (Love him to pieces!) I also try to meet up with my friends and family on weekdays as well because Omg my weekends are so craycray with multiple brides, so difficult to attend daytime events! But after my clients leave I relax and hangout. My husband helps me a lot thank god! I also try to cook and clean as much as possible on the weekdays but I do get very overwhelmed not gonna lie!  
4. How old were you when you first started doing makeup and how did you get started?
I was 13 when I first started putting lipstick and eyeliner on lol got yelled at by my mommy so much! Around that age I started experimenting on my friends and sisters as well. I would always do their hair and makeup for homecoming/prom. After a few years I started working at multiple makeup counters and got tons of experience working on all kinds of faces. In 2008, I started my own bridal makeup business (best career decision ever!). I was only hoping to get one bride a month but my business soared right away. Timing was perfect since at that time there were only 1-2 pro makeup artists in Chicago-land area!
5. All your brides look so beautiful so who did your makeup on your wedding day?
I got married in Pakistan and couldn't have been happier with my makeup! My cousin is famous there (Juvaria Abbasi) so she hooked it up with her celeb makeup artist. Loved my face that day, couldn't stop staring at myself lol

6. If you can pick one celebrity to do makeup on, who would it be?
There are a few famous faces that I would loveee to work on and see my makeup line on: BeyoncĂ©, Aishwarya Rai, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian (still love her hehe)
7. Do you have siblings?
Yes I do, We are 5 sisters all together :) Can you imagine how our household was growing up lol (our parents were probably going nuts) So fun and crazy at the same time, we have stories for days! My oldest sister Myra lives in Houston, then there is Mahrukh who lives in Pakistan, Moniza lives here in Chicago, then there is me, and lastly our youngest sister Bushra lives in Houston as well. We rarely get to be all together but when we do it's a blast :)  
8. Was being a famous makeup artist a childhood dream?
It actually was not! Growing up I wanted to be a plastic surgeon lol I did attend DePaul university later as a communications major. I should've just done business all along :)
9. What's your background/ethnicity?
My background is Pakistani! Both of my parents are also from there. I was born in Texas and raised in Chicago :)
10. Favorite food/Restaurants?
I love sushi (nothing raw though ew haha), love Thai (Big Bowl), layered nachos, I die for Samosay (desi appitizers are my fav loll) but at the end of the day its all about my Mommy's cooking, she makes it with so much love, its just AMAZING! Growing up, one of my friends used to sleep over our house just so she can have my moms parathay in the morning hahaha  

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I thought this would be a really cute way of getting to know me better, Let me know if there's anything else you would like me to answer :)

Love you guys! XO

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Face Mask for GLOWING Skin :)

Hi lovers!! I recently discovered this amazing DIY face mask to make your skin GLOW and could not wait to share it with you guys! All you need are three basic ingredients that almost every household has: Sour cream, Banana, and Honey.

Here are the instructions on how to make this "Magic Potion" J  

1)      Wash your face with a cleanser and towel dry

2)      In a small bowl, take half of a banana and mash it using a fork till it’s no longer a solid.  

3)      Add 2 tablespoons of refrigerated sour cream (Loved the cool feel on my face!)

4)      Add 1 tablespoon of honey

5)      Mix all the ingredients together till you get a paste texture

6)      Using your fingers, apply gently all over your face and neck (I did two layers)

7)      Leave mask on for 20 mins

8)      Rinse with cleanser in lukewarm water, when face is clean then splash cool (not cold) water on your face. Pat dry with a towel and apply your favorite moisturizer.

I instantly noticed a big difference after I washed my face; I was seriously GLOWING and could not be happier with the results! This mask is also good for acne prone skin since bananas are packed with anti-bacterial properties and can be used to cure acne and blemishes. Sour cream contains lactic acid which is an amazing skin-enhancing ingredient. You can even apply sour cream alone as a mask when you need a quick pick me up glow! And lastly, honey is packed with skin- saving antioxidants which are great for slowing down aging. Well actually honey is good for almost everything but will do a post on that later! Let me know how this mask works for you :)